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Classic Nature Adventures

Classic Nature Adventures

Amazing nature based experiences on your doorstep

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Classic Nature Adventures

The fact that Svalbard is an outdoor recreation paradise is well known. However, many are surprised to learn that the nature-based experiences up here come in all types, shapes and sizes.

Great nature experiences right outside the city

Classic nature adventures are perfect for guests who like to be outside, nature enthusiasts and those who enjoy moving about and being active in beautiful landscapes. The best part of visiting Svalbard is that this Arctic wilderness starts virtually in the town centre and never ends. Just the thought of where you are on earth when you visit Svalbard is enough to make many people giddy with joy.

Up here, the North Pole is right around the corner from the pub. But you certainly don’t need to travel far from Longyearbyen to have amazing nature-based experiences. Piotr DamskiHalf-day and full-day trips enable you to see glaciers, tundra, animal life, majestic mountains and fjords. You will discover nice trails and exciting mountains you can explore right on the outskirts of town. Everything is there just waiting to be explored. All you need to do is throw yourself into it with the warm heart and clear head of an outdoor recreation enthusiast.

Create a custom excursion program

Classic nature adventures include a wide range of guided excursions specially designed for nature and outdoor recreation enthusiasts who want an active Svalbard holiday without spending too many days. By choosing different types of activities and following the level of difficulty of each trip, you can create an excursion programme that is perfect for you and your travel companions.

“Walking is man’s best medicine.” – Hippocrates

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  1. Longyearbyen

    Experience true Arctic Treasure, on a snowmobile ride to the blue glacier front of Von Post and Tuna glacier.

  2. Longyearbyen

    Join our polar heroes Barentz, Nansen, Nobile on a 1 day dogsledding trip in Svalbard beautiful and interesting surroundings. The dogs will be your engine the next couple of hours and they will bring you on an adventure you maybe never have...

  3. Longyearbyen

    Would you like a real musher experience where not only the Svalbard beautiful scenery but also the dogs are in focus - our full day with dogsledding provide the ultimate Arctic experience!

  4. Longyearbyen

    Come and see Advendalen and the surrounding mountains from a bird’s
    eye view!

    The trip is a total of roughly 7 km and takes about 7 hours and includes lunsj&hot drink.

  5. Longyearbyen

    Walruses became protected animals for half a century ago. When this happened, the population was only a couple of hundred animals, after 350 years of hunting. In the recent years, the walrus has come back to its old colonies and we have the...

  6. Longyearbyen

    Join us by snowmobile into the polar night and let yourself be captivated by the unique blue light that characterizes the polar night. We hunt for the Northern Light and visit our Northern Light Camp.

  7. Longyearbyen

    Join us on an amazing adventure to Tempelfjord, were the Tuna Glacier lies frozen into the sea ice. In front of the towering walls of blue ice, the frozen fjord stretches towards the Tempel Mountain. Ring seals sunbathe on the ice here, and Polar...

  8. Longyearbyen

    A long and cold winter is coming to an end. The midnight sun shines high on northern sky. It's May, and spring has come to the Arctic. This is the month of the return of the birds to Svalbard. Snow is melting and the sea is breaking up. The fjords...

  9. Longyearbyen

    Variable weather, northern lights, crystal-clear skies full of stars, moonlight or sunshine both day and night; these are variations only the Arctic can give. The dogs will be your engine the next couple of hours and they will bring you on an...

  10. Longyearbyen

    We're extending the dog sledding season! When the snow has melted at sea level it is still possible to drive a dog sled on Foxfonna. The views over the Isfjord, Advent Valley and the beautiful mountains surrounding the area are fantastic!

    Back in...

  11. Longyearbyen

    Better Moments will offer you a chance to see Svalbard’s biggest bird event during the summer – The bird jumping. For just a few days in July, the chicks will jump from their nests on the huge bird cliff Alkhorne and we will be there to see them...

  12. Longyearbyen

    Join us on an exciting snowcat trip and hunt for the aurora away from the lights of town!

  13. Longyearbyen

    This is the trip for those who wish to take a different hiking trip in the breath-taking nature in Spitsbergen. Join our experienced guide on a daytrip on the mountains around Longyearbyen

  14. Longyearbyen

    Join us on a safari to Fuglefjella and Hiorthamn in our sturdy and open Polarcirkel boat. Warmly dressed and equipped with a float suit we head out Isfjorden towards Fuglefjella which is home to thousands of nesting sea birds.

  15. Longyearbyen

    Now you have the opportunity to test how it is to work in a dog-yard with 95 happy Alaska huskies. Try an alternative lifestyle for a morning, a physical demanding job where the ones you are working for are totally depending on you.

  16. Bessaker

    Experience the darkness of the Polar night from a snowmobile, driving through valleys, getting out of
    town and into the arctic wilderness.
    Full moon trips:
    Nov 11-16
    Dec 11-16
    Jan 10-15

  17. Longyearbyen

    Join us for an exciting and speedy open boat fjord safari to the Russian ghost town Pyramiden and the mighty Nordenskiöld glacier. Pyramiden was once one of the largest settlements on Svalbard, with about 1000 inhabitants. It was a good place to...

  18. Longyearbyen

    Do you know how life in the sea looked like 150 mill. years ago? Here on Svalbard you can see this with your own eyes becuse the animals living at that time are now fossils in our mountains.

  19. Longyearbyen

    Write a new entry in your travel diary - with a chance to experience natures own spectacular light show.
    Length of trip is approximately 4 hrs, and a warm meal is included.
    Welcome aboard in our 20th Anniversary season.

  20. Longyearbyen

    Dogsledding to icecave,7 hours

    7 hours of unique adventure!Travel with your own dogsled to the magnificent icecave,which can only be reached by dogsled. We enter the icecave and in the lights from our headlamps we experience ice as few people has...

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