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Svalbard in 2020

Svalbard in 2020

What can you look forward to?

There are many things to look forward to in Svalbard in 2020

There are many things to look forward to in Svalbard in 2020 – and here are but a dozen of them. Is 2020 the year you will visit the world’s northernmost archipelago?

Delicious coffee at the refurbished Fruene – year-round

In early February, the most popular café in Longyearbyen reopens its doors in completely refurbished premises. You will find the best coffee in town and the world’s northernmost chocolate, not to mention locally made woollen sweaters. Fruene is “the place” to meet the colourful locals of Longyearbyen.

Blue Hour – in February and October

During these months, Longyearbyen looks like a theatre backdrop, with snow-capped mountains in beautiful contrast to the dark blue winter sky. These periods are among the finest of the year here and are a must for photography enthusiasts!

Sun Festival Week – in March

When the sun returns to Longyearbyen after four long months, we have a week-long party. Something happens to us who live at latitude 78˚ N during the first week of March, and a festive mood sets in as we celebrate the return of the sun. Check out the eventful programme full of outdoor and indoor fun.

Long beautiful sunsets – in April and August

Just before the Midnight Sun arrives, and just before it leaves again, we get the most beautiful sunsets imaginable. The Midnight Sun season in Svalbard lasts from late April to late August and simply must be experienced.

Stay overnight in a wilderness cabin off the beaten track – from February to October

What could possibly be more exotic than sleeping in a cabin in the Arctic wilderness close to wildlife, mountains and glaciers? Accommodation like this is reserved for those who are willing to get close to nature and enjoy a simpler lifestyle that offers a special luxury – complete silence.

Arctic ski touring – from March to June

Svalbard is a completely unique skiing destination offering exciting opportunities for ski touring. Vast mountain areas and a total lack of trees create a unique opportunity to make the first ski tracks of the season on wide-open mountainsides without any worry about crashing into a tree on the descent.

Svalbard Ski Marathon – in May

The world’s northernmost cross-country skiing event takes place on the last weekend of April every year. Everyone in Longyearbyen is involved in this festive occasion, which helps make it the most beautiful adventure of spring.

Kayaking adventure in the Arctic summer – from June to September

You can’t get closer to nature than in a kayak in the Svalbard archipelago. If you really want to experience the feeling of freedom and silence, book a kayaking trip past a crystal blue glacier terminus.

Taste Svalbard Festival – in October

A food and drink bonanza in the world’s northernmost town. Enjoy one culinary experience after another during this annual festival in early October. During the daytime, a wilderness hike, gallery visit or dog sledding trip during the blue hour can serve as a good appetiser!

Northern Lights during the daytime – from November to January

It’s fragile and comes with a soothing effect. Svalbard is the only inhabited place on earth you can experience the Northern Lights during the daytime. However, this natural phenomenon can only be experienced from November to January since it’s completely dark around the clock. For something completely out of the ordinary, go on a hike under the Northern Lights!

Dog sledding in the Polar Night – from November to January

Perhaps the definition of Arctic magic. You will have a great time behind husky bums swaying from side to side through the snow-covered Arctic landscape. Returning from your holiday and saying you “mushed” your own dog team is cool because it means you have done the job yourself. Fetch the dogs, harness them, then control them from your sled – safely led by an experienced Svalbard guide on their own sled slightly further ahead.

Christmas and New Year in Longyearbyen

Activities during the Polar Night, tax-free Christmas gifts, two of Norway’s best restaurants, partying and fun at the pubs and bars, and the ultimate Christmas spirit await you at 78˚ N. By the way, Longyearbyen is close to Santa Claus at the North Pole and children are welcome to leave their wish lists in a small red letterbox.

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