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A bottle from Svalbarði
  • A bottle from Svalbarði
  • A bottle and gift tube from Svalbarði
  • Persons collecting icebergs from an expedition vessel
  • Three bottles from Svalbarði standing on ice
  • An expedition vessel collecting icebergs
  • Three bottles from Svalbarði
  • On board an expedition vessel that is collecting icebergs
  • Four bottles from Svalbarði


Fresh iceberg water gathered from the fjords of Svalbard and bottled in Longyearbyen. Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water lets you bring home a unique piece of Svalbard while helping preserve our arctic home. Each bottle sold funds greenhouse gas reducing projects that help save 100kg of the arctic ice cap.

Bringing Svalbarði to the world begins with an expedition in an arctic expedition vessel into the ice-filled wilderness fjords at 79° north, 1000 kilometres from the North Pole. We gently collect small floating iceberg pieces right before they melt away into the sea forever. The ice chosen has been preserved inside the centre of glaciers for millennia until being released into the sea as part of the natural calving process. When being made ready for bottling, the ice is melted in a closed tank which keeps the water as clean and fresh as the day it fell as snow up to 4000 years ago, long before modern pollution.

With no modern pollutants and the ultra-low mineral level of clean precipitation, Svalbarði feels as light as snowflakes in the mouth, with a slight bite and sweetness. It is the perfect accompaniment to pair with delicate dishes, chocolates or other beverages to enhance flavours.

Presented in our award-winning glass bottle, Svalbarði is a gift in its own right and the perfect complement to your elegant dining experience. The bottle is made from the highest quality extra flint glass and is both reusable and recyclable. The wooden cap in the colour of arctic driftwood is sourced from sustainable forests. 

Svalbarði is inextricably tied to the land, sea and icebergs of Svalbard. Our mission as a family business in the Arctic is to save our melting Svalbard home. We fund greenhouse gas reducing projects that go beyond our carbon neutral certification to help save 100kg of the North Pole ice cap for every bottle sold. We use our online channels to educate the world on the precarious state of the Arctic and Svalbard so that others can understand the importance of action to fight climate change.

Enjoy a unique piece of Svalbard and help save the Arctic by tasting the Arctic.

Svalbarði is available locally at several shops including Gullgruva, Skinnboden, and the North Pole Expedition Museum. As well as at local restaurants including Huset, Polfareren, and Gruvelageret. You can also order online from our website to remember your visit to Svalbard at any time. We offer worldwide delivery.


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