Arctic Film Festival, Svalbard


Longyearbyen Kulturhus, Longyearbyen, 9171, Longyearbyen

Tel: 93268283

Arctic Film Festival


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Welcome to the Arctic Film Festival, the world's northernmost celebration of independent filmmaking!

From the same team that brought you the successful Oslo Film Festival, Arctic Film Festival aims to recreate the familiar cozy atmosphere and rigorous programming in Longyearbyen, 650 miles from the North Pole.

It's dark for four months of the year and light for another four months, but we'll be welcoming adventurous filmmakers from all around the world to Kulturhuset in Svalbard on September 14th 2019 while the sun still rises above the horizon. We're preparing a programme that includes both outdoor activities in the daylight, and quality international screenings in the evening.

Our festival provides not only a diverse cinematic experience for audiences and filmmakers alike, but also an opportunity to reflect on the future of our planet as well as our role within it. Our main goal with Arctic Film Festival is to increase the audience reach and engagement of select independent filmmakers who challenge and reflect on global scale problems. This is a unique opportunity to screen your work in one of the most outstanding venues and locations in the world!

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Clara Iribarne: (+45) 81 94 17 13


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