Pyramiden Cinema Festival 4. - 6. September


Pyramiden, 9179, * Pyramiden

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The festival poster for the cinema festival in Pyramiden
  • The festival poster for the cinema festival in Pyramiden
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Welcome to Pyramiden Cinema Festival's one year anniversary!
4th - 6th September 2020

We invite you to escape reality (at least for 3 days), and make your way to Pyramiden for the Pyramiden Cinema Festival 2020.

In difficult times it is great to spend some time together, so we've made a unique film-stock cinema program that will cover history, culture and science from the Soviet Union, documentaries about Svalbard, as well as Soviet and Arctic classics. For cinephiles, there will be special movie screenings at night for a full immersion into the atmosphere of the Pyramiden cinema world.
We will arrange an extended guided tour in Pyramiden and visit those buildings that normally aren't available for the regular sightseeing tours. And only as part of the festival, you'll have a rare chance to visit the most holy place in Pyramiden - the film vault and projection room where lectures will be held!

Get out of your regular routine!
For the festival we've created a brand-new themed cocktail-set that you can taste in our authentic Pyramiden Restaurant or the Cafeteria «Biblioteka» (eng., «Library») in the legendary Culture Palace.

Pyramiden Cinema Festival becomes an annual tradition.
It had seemed impossible several years ago, but last year for the first time after the year 2000, after the original cine-projectors had been renovated and put into operation again, we held the 1st film-stock festival in Pyramiden and hope to continue the story this year as well!

Please be aware that all of us need to comply with infection control measures, and due to that, the capacity for the event is limited. We hope that all of our guests will respect these and will follow all the necessary regulations.

Check out the festival's Facebook page for more information:

The program includes accommodation in Hotel Pyramiden with breakfast, a «get-together» dinner on Saturday, and an extended guided tour in Pyramiden.


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