Trapper's station

Type:Wilderness lodge

Bolterdalen, P.O. Box 316, 9171, Longyearbyen

Tel: +47 79 02 46 00

The main building at Trapper's Station seen from outside during winter
  • The main building at Trapper's Station seen from outside during winter
  • A dog in the dog yard at Trapper's Station
  • A Svalbard reindeer grazing next to Trapper's station with a person looking on from a hill in the background
  • Persons laying in sleeping bags indoors at Trapper's Station
  • The main building at Trapper's station with northern lights in the skies in the background
  • A person receiving a plate of food for dinner indoors at Trapper's station
  • A table set for dinner indoors at Trapper's station
  • A person putting firewood into a stove


Basecamp Trapper’s Station is a replica of a traditional trapper’s station in Svalbard. This basecamp offers solely wood burning to warm up the trapper’s hut and there is no running water. Just as the historic hunting cabins in the Arctic.

Experience an authentic night in “Gamma”, our wooden tepee. In this place you are well protected from polar bears with about 100 Alaska huskies on the lookout. Enjoy a relax in solid sleeping bags on reindeer skins after a day of adventures. Learn how to mush your own team of huskies and enjoy a home-made dinner with storytelling in a proper trapper’s style.

Basecamp Trapper’s Station consist of an Arctic dog yard housing about 100 huskies, “Gamma” with space for 12 guests, a trapper’s cabin with dining room for 14 guests, and a secondary station where the husky hosts live. The trapper’s secondary lodges are traditionally located a few days hike away from the main station. This is where the trapper seek shelter when weather picks up to a rough situation during the hunting expeditions.

You will see that every husky at Basecamp Trapper’s Station has its own little house in the backyard, while you share “Gamma” together with other guests. Expect hearing how the huskies live, sing and communication with each other during night. Experience the frost damp coming from your breath as you wake up in the morning, while the sleeping bag is still warm. Getting up to see the morning light is yet a pleasure and you know that warm, freshly brewed coffee is waiting for you at breakfast in the hunting cabin.

You will still have access to an indoor toilet and simple washing facilities even though there is no running water in the Trapper’s Station. The facilities are located in a little wash house at the front yard.

Welcome to our friendly huskies’ home, where you find adventures in winter and summer. A perfect place to look for northern lights on a dark and clear night. See the midnight sun from 19th April and sunsets in the fall. Embark on an authentic Svalbard experience in the immediate vicinity of the Arctic countryside.

You can visit Trapper's Station with Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen.


Credit cards

  • credit cards are not accepted - All purchases not included in the programme must be payed for in Basecamp Hotel where there is a payment terminal.

General facilities

  • fireplace
  • food/refreshments
  • open all year

Kitchen and household

  • washbasin/hot water
  • wood stove


  • Bed accomodation
  • Environmentally-friendly company
  • Food
  • Toilet


  • Stiftelsen Miljøfyrtårn Eco-Lighthouse


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