1. The golden autumn in Svalbard
    Dette er høstlyset i Longyearbyen
  2. Put on your scarf, warm your hands in your pockets and breathe in the fresh, cool Svalbardian air. The autumn is here at last!

  4. Towards the end of August and the start of September, Svalbard enters the season we like to nickname “the golden autumn”. This is our short but intense version of autumn which barely lasts a full month, but which in return can offer immensely beautiful autumn coloured landscapes.

  5. The birds start heading southwards, the early sprinkles of snow create snow-caps on the mountaintops, and the midnight sun says good bye for now.  As the landscape is rapidly transformed, the locals are thankful for gradually longer and darker evenings after four months underneath the midnight sun.

  6. In this transitional period where the days are bright and the nights are dark, Svalbard does not hold anything back in terms of memorable and beautiful experiences.

  7. Surrounded by the red and orange autumn tundra you can try driving your own dog sledding team. You can choose between half- and full day dog sledding trips using wagons in Longyearbyen’s surroundings. If you’re lucky, the sled dog yard you’re visiting has puppies that will gladly snuggle up in your arms after your trip.

  8. Get closer to nature and experience the changing landscapes yourself by joining an organised guided hiking trip! As the autumn sets in, grassy plains in Svalbard are decorated with swaying eriophorums and mushrooms in between all the beautiful colours in the landscape. Polar bears are ever-present all year round, so make sure to go hiking with a professional local guide on an organised hiking trip to be safe. The guide knows how to keep you safe on hikes and carries the safety equipment one needs in the Svalbardian wilderness.

  9. The nature in Svalbard may be the main reason to visit Svalbard for most people, but one shouldn’t forget about the bustling life of the “mini-metropolis” Longyearbyen. Because there’s no shortage of cultural and culinary offers!

  10. Longyearbyen Literature festival in early September can offer literary delights, and towards the end of Svalbard’s autumn in early October one can find some real culinary highlights at the Taste Svalbard festival.

  11. Together with the onset of autumn comes a truly special display of lights in Svalbard, and the lights really get to show off over the massive fjord Isfjorden. This makes it just that much more magical to join a boat trip!

  12. The Svalbardian autumn at sea
  13. No matter if it’s a fishing trip, whale safari or glacier safari. When the conditions are right and the light shines, Isfjorden is the place to be!

  14. But when the sea is calm, nothing beats a kayaking trip which is about the closest you can get to seeing the autumn light shining in the water without going for a swim.

The golden autumn in Svalbard

The autumn in Svalbard can be said to be the “mini-season” between the Polar Summer and Northern Lights Winter. This period is often calmer than the main season in the Polar Summer, which is something both locals and visitors alike know how to appreciate. During the short month one can experience the golden autumn it’s not a certain fact that conditions will be right for the golden light to shine in all its glory. But one should know that once the weather conditions are correct, one can truly expect some grand and unique autumn experiences!

Even though the autumn is a calm season, some popular activities and places to stay can be fully booked. That's why it can be smart to book both accommodation and the activities you don't want to miss out on during a visit well in advance before departing for Svalbard!
To find activities and experiences that suits you and the ones you are travelling with, you can check out our activity planner here
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