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Dog Sledding

Dog sledding in an Arctic landscape is both peaceful and beautiful. In winter, the dogs pull the sled across a snow-covered landscape, while in summer they pull specially made wheeled sleds. Regardless of the season, it’s an unforgettable adventure.

The sound of eager dogs breathing is all that breaks the silence. Powered only by your new four-legged friends, the sled is pulled at a pleasant pace so there is plenty of time for your impressions to sink in. You can admire the white-covered Arctic desert both day and night, in the moonlight, beneath the magical Northern Lights or in bright sunshine. It depends entirely on which season you visit Svalbard. But no matter when you choose to come, you will have a close-up experience with the huskies and the nature.

Experienced guides ensure you are safe and have a unique experience. You will get a chance to be a musher (driver) as two people generally share each sled and you can swap midway. When you return to the dog yard, the dogs are always keen for some extra attention and play and, if you are lucky, you will get to greet the cutest puppies too.

The various providers offer different types of dog sledding trips, so you have many options to choose between. Would you prefer a half-day or full-day trip? Do you want to visit an ice cave during the trip? Would you prefer to explore one of the valleys or would you rather visit a cosy cabin during the trip? If you feel like a real adventurer, you can choose a multi-day trip – a genuine expedition, which will enable you to experience even more of the beautiful and wild Svalbard nature.

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  1. Arctic Legend - Basecamp Spitsbergen


    Follow the footprints of the old explorers! Mush your own dog team across Spitsbergen just like Amundsen did when he reached the magnetic North Pole in 1904 and sleep at our new North Pole Camp.

  2. All in one! – (Sightseeing,scenery and Husky visit) - Svalbard Villmarkssenter AS


    As soon as the nights start to get dark enough, it is sometimes possible to see beautiful displays of the Aurora Borealis. So whenever there is Northern lights activity and the sky is clear, we will take you to good locations from where we can...

  3. Drive your own dogsledge on wheels, by “Trollcart”


    Drive your own dogsledge on wheels. Come with us and drive your own dogteam.

  4. Mountain dog sledding - Arctic Husky Travellers


    In the mountains the snow remains longer. We go dogsledding 400 m above sea level enjoying the beautiful view over Adventdalen and the surrounding mountains.

  5. Icecave trip, 7 hours-Green Dog Svalbard


    Dogsledding to icecave,7 hours

    7 hours of unique adventure!Travel with your own dogsled to the magnificent icecave,which can only be reached by dogsled. We enter the icecave and in the lights from our headlamps we experience ice as few people has...

  6. Dogs and Sea – Along the Arctic coast by dog wagon - Green Dog Svalbard


    Enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape whilst the guide drives the large cart, pulled by strong sled dogs along Vestpynten, outside of Longyearbyen.

    This tour start with a transfer out towards the coast, where the dogs eagerly await. Here we will...

  7. Private Polardog Sledding on wheels - Polardogs Svalbard


    In the summertime when the snow is more or less limited to the craggy mountain tops the dogs will happily pull you on the roads of Adventdalen.

    Take in the views of spring sunlight melting the last snow in a rapid scale and the reindeer migrating...

  8. Dogsledding in the Polarnight - Arctic Husky Travellers


    Polar night dogsledding adventure with Arctic Husky Travellers!

  9. Dogpulled wagon, 4 hours-Green Dog Svalbard


    When the snow starts melting at the beginning of June,we start using dog carts instead of sledges. At this trip you drive a 3 person cart with 8 huskies in front.Our guide will help you harness the dogs and drive in front of you with his own team...

  10. Winter 2-daytrip to Barentsburg, our Russian neighbours, by dogsled


    Winter 2-daytrip to Barentsburg, our Russian neighbours, by dogsled

  11. West coast or Death - Basecamp Spitsbergen


    7 days Dogsledding Expedition across Spitsbergen. Basecamp Spitsbergen is proud to offer you one of the most challenging dog sledge trips on the archipelago in a well-planned and safe way.

  12. Dogsledding to Spitbergen Expedition Lodge -Hurtigruten Svalbard


    Hushed paws against the unscathed snow

    This three day expedition will give you a uniquely Arctic experience; travelling through the endless white in total silence.The eager polar dogs will drag the sleds loyally through Spitsbergen’s amazing...

  13. Explore the Arctic with your own dog team – full day - Arctic Husky Travellers

    Would you like a real musher experience where not only the Svalbard beautiful scenery but also the dogs are in focus - our full day with dogsledding provide the ultimate Arctic experience!

  14. Musher's Dream - Basecamp Spitsbergen


    10 days dogsledding expedition to Ny Ålesund.
    Experience magnificent Arctic scenery close up- join us on our unique dog sledge expedition to the west coast of the Isfjorden. During the expedition you will experience the wild and beautiful nature of...

  15. Explore dogsledding on wheels and slide show from winter dogsledding - Arctic Husky Travellers


    Explore the gorgeous tundra landscape in Adventdalen from a special-made wagon with solid breaks pulled by a husky team!

  16. Mountaintrip with dogsledge, 4 hours-Green Dog Svalbard


    Mountaintrip with dogsledge,4 hours-Green Dog Svalbard.

    When the birds returns to Svalbard and the snow melts in the lowlands, it is still an option to dogsledge in the heights.

  17. Private Day long Sledtour with - Polardogs Svalbard


    If you are visiting Longyearbyen just for a couple of days and would like to make the most of your time here, thinking a half day tour is not enough to fully experience the Svalbard nature, you are more than welcome to join us for a longer run in...

  18. Private Amundsen Style 5 Days Dogsledding Expedition - Polardogs Svalbard


    Polar dogs, deep valleys and majestic mountains, sea ice and clean silence, only interrupted by the breathing of running dogs, our sled and skis gliding on the hard-packed snow surface. 5 days of breathtaking views!
    Experience one of the most...

  19. Arctic Adventure for the whole family - dog sledding half or full day trips - Arctic Husky Travellers


    Visiting Svalbard with kids? We can offer you and your family a real Arctic experience! We design a trip adjusted to your kids age and family wish.

  20. Summer-dogsledging at Foxfonna/Breinosa.


    Sunshine, or stormy weather, fantastic experiences are waiting for you and your dog-team in the arctic wilderness. You might get impressions on your mind, that last forever.

    This trip goes steep up the mountain, to get the last snow before summer,...

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