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Svalbard destinations

Svalbard destinations

Longyearbyen, Barentsburg, Pyramiden, Isfjord Radio and Ny-Ålesund


There are several interesting small settlements to visit in Svalbard.

Longyearbyen the administrative center is a Norwegian small town with 2100 inhabitants from 51 nations. Barentsburg is the second largest settlement in Svalbard, with 450 inhabitants. In Pyramiden there are 4-8 people livind, depending on the season. Isfjord Radio is a hotel and gourmet restaurant out in Isfjorden. Ny-Ålesund, the northernmost settlement in the world, is a research station on 79 degrees north.

In Svalbard, there are only 40 km of roads. Between Longyearbyen and the other settlements Barentsburg, Pyramiden, Ny-Ålesund, and Isfjord Radio, there are no roads and to drive a car between the settlements is not possible.

All of these settlements can be visited, and you will need to go by snowmobile in winter or boat in summer, on organized trips.



  1. Longyearbyen
    Longyearbyen, the administrative center in Svalbard. It's a tiny arctic Norwegian metropole with an international wide.
  2. Pyramiden – one of the world’s most fascinating ghost towns, according to National Geographic
    Pyramiden is a ghost town from 1910, with well-preserved architecture and buildings. The town carries a mark of having to move in a rush. Read more here.
  3. Barentsburg
    A couple of kilometres away from Longyearbyen you’ll Barentsburg which is a small town on the shores of Grønfjord. Read more about Barentsburg on our website.
  4. Ny-Ålesund
    The world's northernmost settlement. A research station at 80 degrees north.
  5. About Svalbard
    Svalbard is a Norwegian Arctic archipelago with endless areas of untouched and raw wilderness, inhabiting more polar bears than humans. Read more here.
  6. Isfjord Radio
    Isfjord Radio, hotel and gourmet restaurant at the end of the world.
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