About Visit Svalbard

Visit Svalbard AS is the official tourism board for Svalbard and Longyearbyen. We are a member based organisation and a neutral development and coordinating organ of the local tourism industry. We are also responsible for the tourist information centre, and the official travel portal for Svalbard. Visit Svalbard compiles and analyses tourism statistics, and we are also responsible for the Svalbard Guide Training Course.

Our vision is:

Svalbard shall be the leading travel destination in the High Arctic tourism market.
The company’s tasks include:

  • Executing and communicating tourism services on behalf of the tourism trade/tourism industry in Svalbard, including destination strategies, development and sustainability projects

  • Marketing, promoting and selling Svalbard as a destination, including developing a collective profile of Svalbard as a destination

  • Operating the portal visitsvalbard.com, including the booking systems for activities and accommodation

  • Operating the tourist information centre in Longyearbyen

  • Being the secretariat for the tourism industry in Svalbard, including being a spokesman for the industry in the media, as well as in local and governmental issues concerning tourism on Svalbard

Visit Svalbard AS
Post: PO Box 323
Vei 221.1.
N-9171 Longyearbyen
Phone: +47 79 02 55 50
E-mail: info@visitsvalbard.com

The team at Visit Svalbard AS

CEO: Ronny Brunvoll
E-mail: ronny@visitsvalbard.com
Tlf: +47 951 16 165

Deputy CEO: Trine Krystad
E-mail: trine@visitsvalbard.com
Tlf: +47 952 73 473

Tourism Adviser: Mona Helene Barlien
E-mail: mona@visitsvalbard.com
Tlf: +47 790 25 550
L-P Lorentz

Marketing and communication manager: Isabelle Johansen
E-mail: isabelle@visitsvalbard.com
Tlf: +47 482 74 870
Profil picture of employee Isabelle Johansen 

Marketing Coordinator: Anja Karoline Jensen Nordvålen
E-mail: anja@visitsvalbard.com
Tlf: +47 971 89 090
Anja Nordvålen 

Sustainability coordinator: Sara Nordell Borchgrevink
Email: sara@visitsvalbard.com
Tlf: +47 930 46 305

Service and administration employee: Marie Lørup Stenshøj
Email: marie@visitsvalbard.com
Tlf.: +47 941 39 064
Profile picture of the employe Marie Lørup 

Cruise coordinator: Eva Britt Kornfeldt
E-mail: evabritt@visitsvalbard.com
Tlf: +47 909 51 910
LP Lorentz 

Visit Svalbard Eco-Lighthouse

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