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A skier pulling a sled in the foreground, with three skiers in the distance in the background
  • A skier pulling a sled in the foreground, with three skiers in the distance in the background
  • A tour group sitting huddled up together in a tent camp
  • A group of skiers pulling sleds
  • Three persons sitting in the snow
  • A person carrying a water bottle
  • A person with skiing goggles and clothes covered with frost
  • A skier standing next to a sled
  • A tour group of skiers pulling sleds
  • A tent camp in wintertime

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Season (25 Apr 2024 - 28 Apr 2024)
Season (28 Apr 2024 - 1 May 2024)
Season (2 May 2024 - 5 May 2024)


Do you have a dream of seeing the wilder part of Spitsbergen, and do you enjoy cross country skiing? This 40km long skiing trip might be the perfect introduction to experiencing the fascinating landscapes of Svalbard.

An introduction to expedition skiing
This four days trip is great for those that have never been on an expedition before, but still wish to get a taste of the incredible glacial landscape found on this Arctic island.

On this 40 km long adventure from west to east, we will cross glaciers with skis and pulkas and get a real sensation of that true expedition feeling. Always keeping in mind to keep an eye out for polar bears along our path.

Day by day programme

Day 1
We start our tour with a briefing, where we go through all the equipment, and receive an introduction to the use of the camp kitchen equipment, pulkas and tents. We will then pack our pulkas and complete our last preparations.

During the afternoon we are transported from Longyearbyen to Tempelfjorden. The 65 kilometres trip by snowmobiles takes us straight into the wilderness experience as we pass breathtaking scenery along the way. Arriving at the head of Tempelfjorden, we will start our skiing adventure and head east towards our first glacier, Von Postbreen, where we will set up camp for the night.

Day 2
On the second day we continue up and over this massive glacier, heading up to 650m above sea level at the pass. From here, we move on to our next glacier, Hayesbreen, where we set camp.

On our way east we pass several beautiful nunataks like Panoramaberget and Skinnluva, pressing through the massive ice and bursting up towards the sky. Nunatak is the Inuit word for mountain coming through a glacier. As the wind carries the snow off them, the mountians stay free from ice and keep their pointy shape as they are not worn down by the ice. The glacier surrounding them, though, can be several hundred metres thick.

Day 3
On our third day we will head down from Hayesbreen to our last camp on Königsbergbreen. With some luck we might see a polar bear wandering in the distance, so be sure to keep an eye out for the king of the Arctic.

Day 4
The last expedition day will take us to the coast to encounter the sea ice in Mohnbukta.

Here we will ski next to the beautiful glacier front in all colors of blue. After a lunch on the ice, we get picked up by snowmobiles and drive back to Longyearbyen.

The schedule is subject to changes and the tour programme might also be changed during the tour due to weather or snow conditions. The pace of the expedition will be adjusted according to the conditions and the abilities of the participants.

How difficult is this tour?
Experience with winter camping and moderate skiing experience is required for participants on this expedition. We will daily cover 10-15km skiing with backpacks or pulkas with shared equipment, and this will require both a level of fitness and strength.

The weather can change quickly, and it can get cold. We split into teams of two people sharing a tent. All teams will be given a 20 kg pulka each with shared equipment like tents, primus, food and fuel for the whole tour. This will be in addition to your personal equipment, which should be packed in your backpack or pulka. Everyone is expected to participate in setting up camp and preparing meals.

Price includes
- Meals during the tour
- Shared equipment: cooking equipment, snow shovels, glacier equipment, primus, fuel
- Tent
- Sleeping mat
- Experienced guides with necessary safety equipment
- Transport from Longyearbyen to the starting point in Tempelfjorden
- Transport from the end point in Mohnbukta to Longyearbyen
- You will share a tent with one other person. Single tent is only available on request.​​​​​

Price does not include
- Flights
- Accommodation and meals in Longyearbyen
- Sleeping bag
- Personal skiing equipment including skis, poles, boots and skins
- Beer/wine/soft drinks
- Travel insurance
- Clothing and equipment

Practical information
This tour requires all participants to be in good physical shape, with the strength and endurance to be able to put long distances behind you while dragging a heavy pulka.

You must be prepared for generally tough weather conditions and sudden changes in weather. Although we might experience bad weather, this time of year usually doesn’t get colder than -5ºC.

You need warm and solid winter clothing, mountain skis with steel edges (not slim cross country skis), solid bindings and sturdy ski boots with good support. Ski skins are required. We do not recommend Randonnée equipment on this trip.

Prior to your departure you will receive an equipment list. If you lack something, Svalbard is tax and duty free, and you can find quality equipment in a wide selection in our expeditions shop, Longyear78.

To book this tour please contact us by email at: info@hurtigrutensvalbard.com

Safety is our highest priority, and the guide needs to be able to give directions in a language that you understand. To participate on one of our excursions, it is required that you speak and understand English or one of the Scandinavian languages.



  • 3 - Average physical fitness



  • Environmentally-friendly company
  • Expedition
  • Food
  • Skiing
  • Tent accomodation

Suggested prices

Ticket TypeTicket Tariff
AdultsNOK14,995.00 per person

Prices may be subject to change.


Age limit

  • 18 years


  • 4 days
  • several days


  • 3 - Average physical fitness


  • Sunny winter


  • Environmentally-friendly company
  • Expedition
  • Food
  • Skiing
  • Tent accomodation

Winter sports

  • expedition

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