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Go sightseeing!

Go sightseeing!

Svalbard is full of cultural heritage and fascinating stories

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Sightseeing and lectures

Longyearbyen is a small Arctic metropolis with many activities for enthusiasts of history, art, gastronomy and photography.

Don’t be fooled by the population. Longyearbyen has more attractions and opportunities than most larger cities.

You don’t even have to travel out of town for exciting tours and activities. You can experience this right in the heart of Longyearbyen all year round. Join a sightseeing tour and experience Longyearbyen in a nutshell. Visit the exciting Arctic museum, experience the gallery with art from Svalbard, see our little church and stop at the majestic aerial ropeway junction building and admire the view of the Hjortfjellet mountain on the other side of the fjord.

Arctic Tapas is an exciting alternative to dining at Longyearbyen’s restaurants. As well as being served delicious food, you will be driven around in Longyearbyen to learn about the settlement’s exciting history.

There are many exciting walking tours on offer. Do you enjoy photography? Join a photo safari to the nearby mountaintops and take photos you can share with your friends back home. Perhaps you would prefer a guided walk to learn about Longyearbyen’s unique history and the journey leading to the community we have here today? There are many options. What about combining sightseeing with a visit to one of the dog yards just outside Longyearbyen? Nothing warms you more than a hug from a husky!

By the way, did you know that we wish to be an environmentally-friendly and sustainable destination? Visit Polar Permaculture for an introduction to Arctic farming.

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  1. Longyearbyen

    Get a chance to see the Northern Lights on our comfortable bus with a drink and some peanuts by your side! Together with our equipment and tour guide, you will hunt for the Northern Lights on our bus as well as learn a bit about the sky above...

  2. Longyearbyen

    For the first time in a long time heals the Svalbard! Join us on a tour of Longyearbyen where you get an insight into the food and beverage traditions here in the north, as well as hear stories about what has been eaten and drunk in Svalbard through...

  3. Longyearbyen

    From fundation to nowadays : how to live in a remote and inhospitable place : a 2h30 entertaining stroll around Longyearbyen

  4. Longyearbyen

    Join us for two half-day fatbike trips with information about history, mining and nature.
    Difficulty level adaptable to your fitness

  5. Longyearbyen

    Various topics explained in 45min by competent specialists.

  6. Longyearbyen

    Join us for a relaxing walk through our town. The guide will give you insides about the history of Longyearbyen, how everything started and what you see around you. The tour ends at Kroa a cozy resaurant, loved by the locals. We will serve you a...

  7. Longyearbyen

    Longyearbyen, now a modern society, was once a company town housing coalminers and functionaries. Many interesting stories can be told about this town. Join us on a walk through Longyearbyen's streets!

  8. Longyearbyen

    Join us and you will be able to observe these birds from close (just enough to not disturb or scare them), taking some coffee breaks, taking as many pictures as you wish, with good time, no rush of scheduled tours. You make the most of it, on your...

  9. Longyearbyen

    Come along for an amazing tour around Longyearbyen in our restaurant bus, under the magical midnight sun.

  10. Longyearbyen

    2 hour round trip to see the area around Longyearbyen and the driver will tell the story of how this society was built up while watching parts of the wonderful nature of Svalbard.

  11. Longyearbyen

    Find out what a typical day as a successful Arctic Farmer is like… And discover what really goes on behind the scenes!

  12. Longyearbyen

    As soon as the nights start to get dark enough, it is sometimes possible to see beautiful displays of the Aurora Borealis. So whenever there is Northern lights activity and the sky is clear, we will take you to good locations from where we can...

  13. Longyearbyen

    Longyearbyen from fundation to nowadays : how to live in a remote and inhospitable place : a 2h30 entertaining stroll around Longyearbyen with arctic meal.

  14. Longyearbyen

    Bjørndalen is a place which offers you several characteristics from Svalbard in one location. The surroundings offer both impressive mountains, fjord and wildlife. You will find everything in one valley. You can spend hours in this valley and keep...

  15. Longyearbyen

    In short: Easy, Short, Beautiful scenery, History.
    On this trip we bike on “Burmaveien” an old gravel road in the mountain side towards the airport, which a long time ago was one of the most important roads of Longyearbyen.

  16. Longyearbyen

    Discover and learn the essential basics of Polar Permaculture and Arctic Farming for yourself… And get a little dirty along the way!

  17. Longyearbyen

    Enjoy a quick 30 minute tour of our exclusive Arctic Farm and discover the wonderful world of Polar Permaculture in Longyearbyen!

  18. Longyearbyen

    Enjoy a unique city tour and experience what locally grown, fresh organic food really tastes like at the peak of freshness!

  19. Longyearbyen

    The summer season is owned by the birds. During those weeks we have a lot of bird species coming to Svalbard. They are all so wonderfull and deserve a special focus. Join us on a tour which puts the spotlight on those amazing creatures. If you are...

  20. Longyearbyen

    Depending on the preference of the group, we can prioritize and spend either more time sightseeing and stopping for photos, or bird watching, or if it is your wish, even take a little Tundra walk to discover Svalbards Flora during the short Arctic...

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