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Visit Barentsburg and Pyramiden

Visit Barentsburg and Pyramiden

Take a trip to Little Russia in Svalbard

How to get to Barentsburg and Pyramiden

You can visit Barentsburg and Pyramiden by boat in summer or snowmobile in winter. These trips feature guided tours of the settlements and it’s possible to enter some of the buildings. Both places have hotels where it’s possible to eat a meal and stay overnight.

You can see the small ghost town of Grumant (pictured) from the sea on boat trips during the summer months. This is often included on a day trip to Barentsburg or the nearby bird cliff.

Join a snowmobile tour


In the wintertime (from February to approx. 17 May), the only way to get to Barentsburg or Pyramiden is by snowmobile. You should always book an organized tour with any of our local tour operators. To get to Pyramiden by snowmobile, we recommend that you have previous experience with driving a snowmobile.

Go by boat and visit Barentsburg in the summer


In the summertime, you can travel to Pyramiden and Barentsburg by boat. Several companies offer day trips on boats with capacities ranging from 12-140 passengers. It’s possible to book one-way tickets to Barentsburg or Pyramiden if you want to stay overnight or spend several days at these settlements.

It’s possible to reach Barentsburg and Pyramiden by boat as early as March and throughout the winter/spring if ice conditions permit. However, the ice may prevent you from going ashore, particularly in Pyramiden. The alternative when this is the case is a wonderful cruise along the ice edge with the chance to spot wildlife and see Pyramiden and maybe also the Nordenskiöld glacier in the distance.

If you choose to travel to one of these settlements on your own, you need to arrange a firearm and necessary equipment for polar bear protection. If you have any questions about the hotels in Barentsburg or Pyramiden, please contact Grumant Arctic Travel Company.

Important info for tour operators, residents, and visitors to Svalbard:
We’ve had cases of people entering/breaking into the houses in Pyramiden, as well as cabins around Barentsburg, Pyramiden and Coles Bay. Please respect private property - do not enter cabins or houses that are not open to the public. Every case will be reported to the Governor of Svalbard.

For a complete list- and booking of tours to Barentsburg and Pyramiden, see below:

  1. Barentsburg
    A couple of kilometres away from Longyearbyen you’ll Barentsburg which is a small town on the shores of Grønfjord. Read more about Barentsburg on our website.
  2. Pyramiden – one of the world’s most fascinating ghost towns, according to National Geographic
    Pyramiden is a ghost town from 1910, with well-preserved architecture and buildings. The town carries a mark of having to move in a rush. Read more here.
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