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Russian culture and architecture surrounded by pristine nature


Barentsburg is a small mining settlement on the shores of the beautiful Grønfjord. It is around 60 km west of Longyearbyen. The 450 or so mine workers who live here are employed by the Russian state-owned mining company Trust Arctickugol, which owns and runs the mines and infrastructure. Facilities in Barentsburg include a coal-fired power station, hospital, hotel, school, kindergarten, sports and cultural centre, Russian scientific research centre and a Russian consulate.

Although the Russian mining company still operates the mines, in recent years it has also invested in tourism. A clear sign of this is the establishment of the Arctic Travel Company. Even the most experienced globetrotters are fascinated by Barentsburg and the huge contrasts with Longyearbyen. You can combine the trip to Barentsburg through pristine Arctic nature with interesting history, Russian culture, Soviet era architecture, a visit to the mine, traditional food and exciting entertainment. There are several accommodation options in Barentsburg, a husky kennel and a beautiful Russian orthodox church, which is well worth visiting.

Barentsburg is named after Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz, who discovered Svalbard in 1596. The name was given by the Dutch who operated the mines after they bought the site from Russia in 1920. Russia took over the site again in 1932 and expanded it considerably, but Barentsburg came under heavy fire during World War II and was virtually destroyed. Although the buildings you see in Barentsburg now are relatively new, the place has a historic feel to it. A statue of Lenin gazes out over the Grønfjord in front of colourful apartment buildings.

Norway and Russia are the only countries which have maintained their mining interests in Svalbard.

Wanna visit Barentsburg? This is how you get there.
Wanna stay overnight? Check out Barentsburg Hotel and Pomor Hostel

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  1. Longyearbyen

    Join us on a snowmobile journey through the wilderness to the Russian settlement of Barentsburg. This town has the second largest population on Svalbard, a coal mining community of around 350 people.

  2. Longyearbyen

    Write a new entry in your travel diary - with a chance to experience natures own spectacular light show.
    Length of trip is approximately 8 hrs, and a warm lunch is included.
    Welcome aboard in our 20th Anniversary season.

  3. Longyearbyen

    Join us on 3-days snow adventure to “Little Russia on Svalbard”, inaccessible otherwise than by snowmobile. You follow the traces of the famous Arctic explorers, get known to the stunning history of the Russian mining settlement and Russian...

  4. Barentsburg

    Red Bear Pub & Brewery serves tasty Russian specialities and locally brewed beer in a nice and child friendly restaurant.

  5. Longyearbyen

    From Longyearbyen we take you along the beautiful coastline towards Barentsburg. On the way you'll experience majestic scenic landscapes and close to Grumant you'll observe the stunning bird cliffs with thousands of birds. We then head towards...

  6. Longyearbyen

    Wonderful evening tour to Barentsburg with traditional russian Dinner. We guarantee small groups with maximum 6 snowmobiles. Come with us and enjoy good russian food and the midnight sun while having this amazing nature arround you. 

  7. Longyearbyen

    High Arctic, Svalbard, Spitsbergen island... Located midway between continental Norway and North Pole, Svalbard is a dream of explorers. The nature is wild and grandiose, everything is in its superlative! You will live  once-in-a-lifetime adventure...

  8. Barentsburg

    BARENTSBURG HOTEL is totally repaired in 2013. Modern  4-storied hotel facing  the gorgeous Olaf mountain. Has newly-refurbished 43 rooms, incl.  Twin, Double /1000 NOK and Suite rooms /1200 NOK. Drying cupboard is available upon each floor. The...

  9. Longyearbyen

    A breathtaking trip through changing landscapes, across a glacier and through valleys to our Russian neighbours in the west. Barentsburg is situated about 60 kilometers from Longyearbyen and is a Russian/Ukranian coal-mining town. Participate in a...

  10. Longyearbyen

    A boattrip with MS Polargirl to Barentsburg and the Esmarkglacier.
    The trip will first go to the glacier before sailing to Barentsburg, where one will go ashore.

  11. Longyearbyen

    Sightseeing tour with Arctic Explorer AS, Longyearbyen - Barentsburg - Longyearbyen - Pyramiden - Longyearbyen, for travelers who enjoy comfort, effectiveness and experience.

  12. Longyearbyen

    Remote, mysterious, grandiose, wild and extreme, Spitsbergen is a land forged by ice, wind and sea. Gigantic glaciers descend from the summits of majestic multi-colored mountains in the cold waters of austere Greenland sea, abundant with ice.

  13. Longyearbyen

    Write a new entry in your travel diary, as you join us on The World’s Northernmost Fjord-cruise.
    Length of trip is approximately 10 hrs, and a warm lunch is included.
    Welcome aboard in our 20th Anniversary season.

  14. Longyearbyen

    This trip follows the west coast of Spitsbergen. We will drive through terrain that trappers and miners have used for decades. This trip includes a longer stop in Barentsburg, where you will be served a Russian lunch at the hotel. You will soon...

  15. Longyearbyen

    Join with us on an exciting and unforgettable two day snowmobile trip to Barentsburg. Witness spectacular nature, Svalbard’s unique wildlife and Barentsburg, an active Russian coal mining town with a unique atmosphere.

  16. Longyearbyen

    We start the trip by driving through the narrow valleys Todalen and Bødalen, heading south west through a varied landscape. Soon we will arrive in Coles Bay, by Kapp Laila, on the south side of Isfjorden. Here we will find tracks from Russian mining...

  17. Longyearbyen

    We are equipped and briefed before heading up Todalen and west towards Barentsburg. The journey then takes us on to Colesdalen and along the coast past Kapp Laila and Kapp Heer before arriving at the Russian mining village.
    Alternatively we go...

  18. Longyearbyen

    Join us on 2-days adventure to “Little Russia on Svalbard”, inaccessible otherwise than by snowmobile. You follow the traces of the famous Arctic explorers, get known to the stunning history of the Russian mining settlement and Russian traditions...

  19. Longyearbyen

    Join us for a trip to our russian neighbors in Barentsburg and cross snowcovered mountains and wide valleys. We GUARANTEE not more then 6 snowmobiles which will give you as guest the best possible service and time. Barentsburg is an extraordinary...

  20. Barentsburg

    Barentsburg Hotel is a nice and modern hotel, with a fantastic view overlooking Grønfjorden and Olafberget. The restaurant serves both European and Russian tasty food, to hungry guests. The bar is open until 2 am every night, and during weekends...

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