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Natural adventures at sea

Natural adventures at sea

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Kayaking trips are a great way to have a close-up experience with the Arctic nature. You can choose between everything from shorter trips in the Longyearbyen area to multi-day trips including overnight accommodation. Paddling is popular in Svalbard for residents and tourists alike. Many are tempted by the chance to glide silently through the water and enjoy the magnificent nature in a peaceful manner.

You can experience the Adventfjord in a sturdy kayak, accompanied by an experienced guide and wearing a warm and modern dry suit. Some kayaking trips include a guided walk to the abandoned settlement of Hiorthamn and a hot lunch on the beach, while others include a mountain hike. What do you want to experience? Maybe you want to go on a kayak expedition to see glaciers calving into the sea and a teeming marine life?

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Number of results: 18

  1. Longyearbyen

    Spend your afternoon and evening together with us on Adventfjorden in the Arctic light shining 24 hours.

  2. Longyearbyen

    Join us on a day trip to Sveabreen - Being in front of an active glacier is a breathtaking experience. The quiet nature of kayaking will give us an opportunity to observe this diverse ecosystem from a completely different perspective. Better Moments...

  3. Longyearbyen

    This is a mini expedition for you who wants to experience the Svalbard nature up close in two days. We start paddling out of Adventfjorden and stop for lunch on our way towards Reveneset. After lunch we go on inn to Isfjorden and enjoy the steep...

  4. Longyearbyen

    Join us for a 4 days kayaking trip at Nordenskiöld Lodge. Padling along the ice flotes, just beside the blue glacier front is something special to experience. Seals and belugas are not uncommon in this fjord.

  5. Longyearbyen

    Embarkation at the Port of Longyearbyen the first day at 21:00 in the evening. Tell us if you want us to pick you up at your hotel for tranfer to the pier. 3 full days of skiing in the midnightsun and debarkation at 07:00 in the morning the last day...

  6. Longyearbyen

    Tur i tomannskajakker over Advendtfjorden til Revneset. Videre fottur opp på Forkasningsfjellet med storslagen utsikt utover Isfjorden med breer og fjell som bakgrunn.
    Trip in double kayaks across the Advent Bay to Revneset. Then on foot to the...

  7. Longyearbyen

    Experience the midnight sun from kayak and on the beach.

  8. Longyearbyen

    Peaceful tour in double kayaks crossing the Adventbay.
    The kayaks glides quietly amongst birds without disturbing them, with a range of steep mountains as background.

  9. Longyearbyen

    Kayak trip next to a glacier, glacier walk and camp life is some of the things you will experience on this Wildlife Camp. Welcome!

  10. Longyearbyen

    Spitsbergen Isfjorden Kayak expedition is a six day long journey on the island’s largest fjord. Isfjorden stretches 107 kilometres towards the centre of Spitsbergen, and in order to avoid most of the boat traffic the expedition is plotting its...

  11. Longyearbyen

    When the Inuit stepped into his qajaq, it was to hunt. The word’s original meaning was man boat or hunting boat. Today however the word is not associated with hunting. The kayak is an ideal mode of transport in the Arctic. With little experience you...

  12. Longyearbyen

    The Arctic Challenge. We kayak across the fjord before we start climbing to the summit of Hiorthfjellet at 1000 meters.

  13. Longyearbyen

    Kayak trip next to a glacier, glacier walk, hiking tour and camp life is some of the things you will experience on this Wildlife Camp. Welcome!

  14. Longyearbyen

    Great nature, animal life and historical heritage are some of the things that will wait for you in this Arctic landscape. Welcome

  15. Longyearbyen

    Located in a wonderful bay Svea glacier is one of the most impressive and active glacier of Spitsbergen. It will be your starting point for living your most beautiful arctic experience : glacier exploration, paddling between icebergs, getting closer...

  16. Longyearbyen

    Amazing mountains, glacier landscape, cultural heritage and animal life is some of the things that are waiting us. Welcome

  17. Longyearbyen

    Nansen, Bore, Wahlenberg, Svea… this beautiful route leads you to the discovery of series of small fjords and glaciers.

    Sea kayaking allows you to move in complete autonomy and camp every day in remote and beautiful places. Explore fjords and...

  18. Longyearbyen

    Do you want to try an exiting and traditionell way of travelling in the Arctic? Join us for a kayak trip over the Advent Bay.

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