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Frozen adventures!

Frozen adventures!

Underneath the glaciers you'll find a magical world

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Ice Cave visits

Svalbard’s glaciers contain countless passages formed by the melted waters leading to fascinating ice caves. Luckily for us, it’s possible to visit some of these.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the ancient ice? Equipped with a headlamp, crampons and a helmet, you can enter this calm and silent world and see the beautiful blue colours, icicles and snow crystals.

There are several ways to get to the various ice caves. What about an adventure combining dog sledding with visiting an ice cave? A team of eager huskies will take you by sled out to the ice cave and wait patiently outside until you are finished exploring. Other options include driving a snowmobile right up to the entrance of the ice cave or being driven in comfort in a snowcat. Some people choose to go alone using snowshoes or skis. There is no shortage of options, so it comes down to what you wish to experience.

Join us into the wonderful frozen landscape and be captivated by the beauty in the ancient ice.

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  1. Longyearbyen

    Dogsledding to icecave,7 hours

    7 hours of unique adventure!Travel with your own dogsled to the magnificent icecave,which can only be reached by dogsled. We enter the icecave and in the lights from our headlamps we experience ice as few people has...

  2. Longyearbyen

    Drive your own dogsledge through a landscape covered in snow - this is the trip for those who want a full day trip combining dogsledge and icecave exploration.

  3. Longyearbyen

    Under the glaciers at Svalbard you find a frozen world: A world filled with ice that have been shaped during summertime by melting ice and snow through the melt water channels.

  4. Longyearbyen

    Experience the joy of dog sledding in Svalbard with Arctic Husky Travellers – a small family business 12 km outside Longyearbyen, where we now have been for almost 10 years. In our kennel we have 40 great sled dogs that we travel with both summer...

  5. Longyearbyen

    Glacier hike 2,5 km uphill to an amazing ice cave. This cave is worth every step to get there. The hike itself is a senic route between steep mountains.

  6. Longyearbyen

    Join us on a hike to the summit of mount Trollsteinen with a visit in the ice cave! This one is for those of you who want more – here you’ll get two great adventures in one trip!

  7. Longyearbyen

    Go deeper and explore the ice cave where everyone else turns around! We'll take you down to the ice cave's melt water canals with ice axes and ropes geared for ice climbing.

  8. Longyearbyen

    Spend the night in an ice cave on Svalbard with us!

  9. Longyearbyen

    Join us on a beautiful trip into an ice cave. A rare opportunity to explorer one of the worlds frozen wonderlands. Be a glaciologist for some hours and experience the wonders of being deep inside a glacier.
    By the use of snowmobiles we head for the...

  10. Longyearbyen

    A fascinating, indescribable excursion into a glacier. We hike up to the opening of the cave, this takes about 1.5 hours to reach. The temperature inside the glacier is about -3C. We drive up on the glacier by snowmobile, and enter the glacier...

  11. Longyearbyen

    Have you been inside a glacier? Join Spitsbergen Travel on an amazing journey into the frozen heart of Longyearbyen! Including transport by snowcat and headlights this trip takes you to a glittering, icy world just outside of Longyearbyen.

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