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Everyone in Svalbard drives snowmobiles – and you should try too!

When our Arctic landscape is covered by snow, the snowmobile is a fabulous to get around. You can go on a longer snowmobile safari through the majestic nature to the east coast and see amazing sights like icebergs frozen in the sea ice, old trappers’ huts, glacier termini and Arctic animal life.

Other snowmobile trips take you to the Russian settlement of Barentsburg or the ghost town of Pyramiden, or perhaps you would prefer a multi-day safari? There are plenty of options, including for those looking for a shorter trip to experience driving a snowmobile. On a short trip outside Longyearbyen, you can visit a beautiful ice cave or drive by snowmobile to a wilderness camp for a sumptuous dinner. Experience the authentic Svalbard while driving in the Arctic wilderness. Snowmobiles allow you to feel the freedom of covering large areas in a short space of time.

If you visit Svalbard during the Polar Night, you can go on an exotic Northern Lights chase by snowmobile. You will really experience the silence and darkness of the Polar Night as the magical Northern Lights dance overhead. Or would you prefer to experience the Midnight Sun as you drive across the snow-covered mountain plateau. Experienced guides make the trips safe and unique, and will gladly share stories about Svalbard’s animal life, geography and history along the way.

You can drive snowmobiles in the summertime too. These trips take place on the Longyear Glacier. Although not that long, it’s certainly exotic. This trip includes a short hike up to the glacier.

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  1. True arctic story - Basecamp Spitsbergen


    Join us for a three-day trip to Basecamp Nordenskiöld - the northernmost cabin for commercial trips on Svalbard.

  2. Excursion by snowmobile in Surrounding area of Longyearbyen (afternoon) - Poli Arctici

    On this 3-4 hours trip in the vicinities of Longyearbyen we will get a god view of the Svalbard nature. Here you will find that it is not necessary to travel far away from the settlement to experience the wilderness and the great silence of the...

  3. Northern Lights safari snowmobile - Hurtigruten Svalbard


    Once the snow has settled in December or January, we can go for exciting snowmobile trips in Longyearbyen's surrounding areas.
    The stars and the moonlight throw light in the polar night giving you an atmospheric experience. On a clear night it is...

  4. Snowmobile Safari- A taste of Longyearbyen's surroundings -


    The surroundings of Longyearbyen offers beautiful nature, Arctic history and wildlife. One of our experienced guides will bring you along on a two hour trip in the surrounding areas.

  5. Arctic Luxury - Basecamp Spitsbergen


    2 day snowmobile expedition to beautiful Isfjord Radio on the west coast of Spitsbergen. This remote boutique hotel is located approximately 100 kilometer from civilization in Longyearbyen. During the expedition we will drive over glaciers,...

  6. Excursion by snowmobile to the East Coast - Poli Arctici

    This trip lasts for about 10-12 hours and the main purpose of this trip is to experience the desert, high arctic east coast of Spitsbergen . The east coast has always been known for its hard climate, the numerous numbers of polar bears, the exciting...

  7. Icecavetrip with scootertransport. Small and exclusive group, maximum 8 guests - Arctic Adventures


    Join us on a beautiful trip into an ice cave. A rare opportunity to explorer one of the worlds frozen wonderlands. Be a glaciologist for some hours and experience the wonders of being deep inside a glacier.
    By the use of snowmobiles we head for the...

  8. Adventure weekend in Barentsburg


    Join with us on an exciting and unforgettable two day snowmobile trip to Barentsburg. Witness spectacular nature, Svalbard’s unique wildlife and Barentsburg, an active Russian coal mining town with a unique atmosphere.

  9. Across the Arctic Land - Basecamp Spitsbergen


    3 days snowmobile trip to Isfjord Radio and North Pole Camp.
    Experience magnificent Arctic scenery close-up and join us on a snowmobile expedition across Nordenskiöld Land. The trip starts from Longyearbyen and heads first eastwards to...

  10. Return of the Sun - Basecamp Spitsbergen


    After more than two months the polar night is slowly losing its grip and the days grow longer. Join us on a 2 day snowmobile expedition to our boutique hotel at Isfjord Radio on the west coast of Spitsbergen.

  11. Snowmobile safari to the East coast-Hurtigruten Svalbard


    The trip takes you through the characteristic natural beauty of Svalbard, over wide plains and narrow valleys

  12. Snowscootersafari to “Little Russia on Svalbard” in Barentsburg, 2 days - Grumant Arctic Travel Co.


    Join us on 2-days adventure to “Little Russia on Svalbard”, inaccessible otherwise than by snowmobile. You follow the traces of the famous Arctic explorers, get known to the stunning history of the Russian mining settlement and Russian traditions...

  13. Tellbreen Ice Cave with Snowmobile


    We are driving out through Adventdalen, extending eastward from Longyearbyen and into a river landscape that takes us to Tellbreen We take a closer look at the ice cave and the fascinating ice structures formed by water and sediments.

  14. Snowmobile safari to Pyramiden


    We guarantee a small group, maximium of 6 scooters and 9 participants.

    Join us on snowmobile through some of the most spectacular Arctic scenery that Svalbard has to offer, to the impressive Russian settlement of Pyramiden and the imposing...

  15. Snowmobile safari to the dogs - Hurtigruten Svalbard


    Visit our fourlegged friends at Green Dog

  16. Excursion by snowmobile to Van Mijenfjord- Poli Arctici

    Exciting new tour for 2014! We start our journey driving into Adventdalen and then head south to Reindalen, one of the biggest and more impressive valleys on Svalbard (45 km long). We continue our journey by ascending the Slakbreen glacier and...

  17. Spitsbergen Wintersafari - Hurtigruten Svalbard


    A three day adventure on a snowmobiles, through a magical landscape you will not find anywhere else. The winter sun sparkles in towering glaciers and on frozen sea. Make your way towards the white horizon - now you can truly say that you are free!

  18. Snowmobile to Tempelfjorden - A Glacier frozen into the ice - Hurtigruten Svalbard


    Join us on an amazing adventure to Tempelfjord, were the Tuna Glacier lies frozen into the sea ice. In front of the towering walls of blue ice, the frozen fjord stretches towards the Tempel Mountain. Ring seals sunbathe on the ice here, and Polar...

  19. Snowmobile expedition to Svea - Hurtigruten Svalbard


    For the first time ever, tourists on Svalbard can experience the historical coalmine society of Sveagruva. Join us on a 2-day snowmobile trip to the remote mining town Svea!

  20. Snowmobile trip to Tempelfjord and Von Post Glacier - small groups guaranteed


    Join us for an exciting trip in beautiful nature, rich animal life and an amazing view towards the Von Post and Tuna Glacier.  On the way we will have several stops and your guide will explain what you have arround you. We will see a lot of...

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