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Svalbard guide training course

Svalbard guide training course

Information for future guides

Svalbard Guide Training Course

The SGO winter course 2020 will be held as follows:

17.-18th of February; module 1 (basic course)
19th of February; module 2 (polar bear safety)
20th of February; module 2 (first aid)
21. - 23th of February; module 3 (field course, 2 nights in tent)

More information about the winter course will be published later in october.

The Svalbard Guide Training Course (SGO) is an introduction to the guide profession in Svalbard. The lectures in the course is mainly held in English, though the formal documents of the course as well as some of the literature may be in Norwegian.

Svalbard guides play an important role in the management of natural and cultural heritage in Svalbard because they have knowledge about geology, nature, cultural heritage and regulations, and can lead tourists in organised groups in accordance with the guidelines for tourist travel. The Svalbard Guide Training Course (SGO) is a vital piece of the neverending path of improving sustainability in local tourism.

The training will comply with the different demands set by the Svalbard nature, the local tourism industry and the official regulations, regarding the guide’s level of knowledge about Svalbard and field safety qualifications.

The SGO is divided in modules from 1 to 3:

- Module 1: Basic course
   -  Price for members of Visit Svalbard: 1300 NOK
   -  Price for non-members: 1900 NOK
- Module 2: Safety course (Polar bear safety and first aid) (updated prices will be published later in October)
   -  Price for members of Visit Svalbard: 1600 NOK
   -  Price for non-members: 2600 NOK
- Module 3: Field course of 3 days (separate courses summer and winter)       
   -  Price for members of Visit Svalbard: 4200 NOK
   -  Price for non-members: 6000 NOK

You have to pass the previous modules in order to take the next step. The course is based on a compulsory self study, with an initial exam the first day of modul 1. To get the final authorisation candidates need sufficient field and guiding experience in Svalbard, according to the standards in the course description.

For further information contact Visit Svalbard on 0047 79 02 55 50 /



  1. SGO - Course Plan and Schedule
    Here you will find the COURSE PLAN and SCHEDULE for The Svalbard Guide Training
  2. SGO - Self Study
    The SELF STUDY is a preparation for the actual course which all participants need to read through before attending the lessons
  3. SGO - application forms for participation and authorization
    Here you will find the APPLICATION FORMS for the SGO course and for the authorization
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