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Preparing dinner at Restaurant Polfareren
  • Preparing dinner at Restaurant Polfareren
  • Dinner at Restaurant Polfareren
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Head Chef Håkon Johnsen invites Kristine Sandsleth to Svalbard to create a Winemakers Dinner at Restaurant Polfareren. Together, they proudly compose a 5-course menu for you to look forward to enjoying.

Taste Svalbard has been organized since 2017, and at Restaurant Polfareren, we have made sure to add that extra touch every year. New for this year is the Winemakers Dinner, and they are aiming just as high as usual.

Many might recognize sommelier Kristine Sandslett from previous visits to Restaurant Polfareren. As the former Restaurant Manager during the restaurant's inception, her contribution to inspiring and flavorful events was a success factor. Today, she is back at Restaurant Polfareren with her new employer, and she has put together a drinks menu that adds an extra dimension to the food.

At tonight's well-composed 5-course dinner, you will find proteins from Svalbard inspired by the traditional Scandinavian cuisine. Håkon and his team ensure a flavorful evening during this year's Smak Svalbard.

Date: 06.10.2023
5-course menu including an aperitif: NOK 1495
Aperitif at 6:30 PM, dinner starts at 7:00 PM

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