Several small and medium-sized boats tied up along a floating pier in the foreground, with a larger ship on a fjord in the background

Information package for cruise operators

On this page you can find Svalbard Cruise Forum's information package for cruise operators with operations in Svalbard's waters.
The information gathered here is regulaly updated in collaboration with, and on behalf of, Svalbard Cruise Forum's members.

Information package

Health services

- Information brief from Longyearbyen Hospital (2023)

Maritime laws, regulations and safety

- Information brief from the Norwegian Coastal Administration (2023)
- Information brief from the Norwegian Maritime Authority (2023)

Orders for provisions and goods

- Guidelines for ordering from COOP Svalbardbutikken (2023)
- Order form from COOP Svalbardbutikken (2023)

Svalbard Airport

- Information brief from AVINOR Svalbard Lufthavn (2023)

Waste management

- Longyearbyen Recycling Station, information from Longyearbyen lokalstyre (2023)

Guidelines, local products and services in Longyearbyen

- Longyearbyen Community Guidelines (2023)
- Use of drones in Svalbard (2023)
- Local products and suppliers found in Longyearbyen (2023)
- Opening hours for businesses in Longyearbyen (updated monthly)


- Radio silence in Ny-Ålesund (2023)

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