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The Company NATIV AS was established in Longyearbyen in 2010 as Norwegian Partner of Russian Company VICAAR Ltd, based in St. Petersburg since 1991.

The Company VICAAR Ltd specializes in services for adventurous people who are intrigued by the mysteries of the Polar Regions and want more than just a quick visit.
NATIV AS arranges logistical support services for expeditions, scientific missions, filming and engineering projects in the Polar regions. We provide all kinds of transportation support, cache positioning, personnel logistics and resupply. Since 1991 we organized several large international expeditions. Among them: Four filming expeditions to Franz Josef Land (Arctic Nordost Project) for the Austrian State TV Company ORF; “Transibering — Longines”- Ethnographic Expedition which crossed the Arctic Siberia with snow-cats (caterpillars) from Ob' river to Chukhotka; Italian archeological expedition to Franz Josef Land; several scientific research ecological expeditions in the Arctic seas with Texas A&M University and Oil Company Conoco, (USA), International Arctic Project-the first crossing Arctic Ocean from Siberia to Canada with dogs in the single season, Complex archeological expedition to New Siberian Islands together with US Company «Rock Foundation» and many others. Company VICAAR was one of the organizers for the first commercial helicopter trip to the North Pole in 1992, and since 1997 successfully acting as general Agent for International Barneo Project, organizing all kind of expeditions and tours to Geographical North Pole. Before 2005 the base Airport for all logistic and passengers operations in the frames of this Project was located in Arctic settlement Khatanga in North Siberia. Since 2006 Barneo project was moved to Longyearbyen and was successfully developed here. The Company NATIV AS took all responsibilities, obligations, and rights of Company VICAAR for carrying North Pole programs within Barneo Project and is offering various skiing programs with duration from one day to four weeks, helicopter tours to the North Pole and some special programs such as sky and scuba diving on the Pole and programs tailored to the wishes of our clients . We have organized several Birthday events at the Pole and even Wedding Ceremony.

Take a unique chance, happening only once in the year every April and welcome to discover the top of the World – the North Pole with us!

Post Box 925
9171 Longyearbyen,

Tel : + 7 905 203 85 33
 + 7 812 572 17 69

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