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Welcome to 78 degrees north

We are excited to show you Svalbard the way we have experienced it: Untouched, quiet and magnificent. Svalbardguidene is a small, local company, with many years of experience. We take our guests into the Arctic wilderness in a safe and inclusive way. We are excited about discovering untouched snow under our skis, hiking on blue ice, sea kayaking in the fjords and experiencing Svalbard on foot, watching wildlife and learning about the history and cultural heritage of the Arctic. Svalbard is on many people’s bucket list. We hope that our time together will make you want to come back for more Arctic adventures!

Ski touring

If there is one thing that gets us excited it’s chasing untouched snow in the mountains. Together, we have 10 years of experience with ski touring in Svalbard. If you want to get the most out of your ski touring trip to the Arctic you should talk to us. We want to know what you want to do and how we can create the best skiing adventure for you.
Recommended season: February - mid June.

Glacier hikes

Svalbard is covered by glaciers. The landscape is shaped by the forces of nature over thousands of years. We want to show you the impressive glaciers of Svalbard and how they have shaped the landscape. A hike on blue ice is one of the most exciting and fun activities you can do during your visit to the Arctic.
Recommended season: Mid June - end of September.

Sea kayaking

With sea kayaks we head out to sea to get a feel for the Arctic wildlife and wilderness. Our sea kayaks are modern with several dry storage rooms. We equip you with necessary safety equipment such as spray cover, life jacket and a dry suit. From the cockpit of a sea kayak we’ve experienced some of the most powerful moments in the Arctic: Surrounded by floating icebergs, watching birds, seals and scouting for whales. Want to join us for an adventure?
Recommended season: July - start of September

Hiking in the Arctic

Svalbard on foot is “slow adventure” at its best! During the summer, the Arctic is a dry place with almost no precipitation and temperatures rarely exceed 10 degrees Celsius - perfect hiking conditions! This gives us the opportunity to move slowly over large distances, chasing breathtaking views and watching wildlife: Suddenly the sun can break through a cloud cover, revealing deep valleys and steep mountains. We often see arctic foxes and reindeer on these trips. But if you look to the fjord, you can sometimes spot whales and if you are really lucky: The king of them all - the polar bear.

There are no natives in Svalbard, but in return we have a rich and deep cultural heritage. From the first explorers from Holland, whalers from Spain to Norwegian trappers. Experience and learn more about the Arctic, one small step at a time, together with us!
Recommended season: Mid June - start of October.

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